• The qualification for next year's WUSV kicked off over the weekend, October 17-18, 2015.
    DM / VM selections were held in Group 59-Grindsted . Everything was in order and everyone was incredibly sweet and helpful.
    The competition was won by Thomas Jorgensen with Jabina Liara, a 25 months old bitch described as something of a Promethean.
    Thomas with Liara, not yet 2 years old in June, won the Denmark championship in IPO 1 for all breeds . They then followed with a very nice IPO 2 trial and now this- a fantastic start to hopefully a large dog’s sporting career.
    In the top 10, at this DM / VM event, we found no less than 6 dogs from our kennel.
    Out of 26 dogs who qualified for the German Shepherd Club of Denmark's IPO 3 Danish Championship in May 2016 came the 10 dogs from our kennel - and figuring mathematically I think there is reason to be very proud that our kennel currently accounts for almost 40% of the dogs :)
    Here, I give a huge thank you to so many of Denmark's best dog handlers, for again and again choosing to buy a dog with us.

  • Nationals (DK) 2011
    As in previous year, Kennel Jabina is again the kennel dominating the entries for the 2011 DM! As of this date, 9 dog/handler teams have qualified for the 2011 German Shepherd Dog Club Danish National Championship. Congratulations to all of the dogs and their handlers!

  • DM-VM-Q 6. og 7. nov. - Hvidovre                       All results>>
    Then it happened again - the podium on a DM / VM arrangement was possessed of nothing but Jabina dogs .... This time, however, was something very special because all dogs are placed as nr 1,2,3 and 4 were directly after our old bitch Jabina Digthe .... Many thanks to the skilled dog handlers who in this way put a nice thick strongly emphasized that Jabina Dighte was a world class bitch - not just as individuals but also as a breeding bitch ...

    Jabina Freddie with Vibeke Mølgård showed in convincing style that it was no coincidence that they formerly has won Denmark Cup BHP 1, now is the winner of 3 DM / VM qualificatons taken, and for just 14 days ago did a really nice figure at World Cup - Super nice done - congratulations ...

    Jabina Gustav Lars Lentz showed that it was not just a bag of hot air - and smart marketing - here was action behind the words ... It was pure world-class protectionwork C phase, if it continues ,this impressive development , there is reason to believe that turnout also internationally can be true ... Congratulations to the competition ... .. Did I mention that the dog has just turned 20 months .... And Kennel Jabina has 3 litter sisters as future breedingfemales ... ..

    Jabina Fanta with Peter G Mortensen, was a nice number third .A nice track - super nice obedience - and a Gr. C with high potential - did that Peter now hopefully can pursue the dream of a World Cup place ...

    Jabina Oscia and Carsten Brandt, again showed again that a great track and an impressive C-phase , is just something they can ... a 4 - space and best track ended the National champion team this year.
    There was another 4 Jabina dogs in this competition - but this time the results were probably not as handlers had hoped - so better luck next time :-)


  • Nationals (DK) 2010
    Again this year the Jabina Kennel is in the lead with 9 dogs selected for the Danish Nationals and John Jabina with Jabina Yena is topping the danish WUSV VM selection list. Click here...

  • Nationals (DK) 2009
    Also this year the Jabina Kennel was very succesfull at our Nationals.
    11 dogs from our kennel was qualified for this event out of a total of 45 dogs.
    Danish Champion was the Jabina Digthe daughter “Jabina Oscia “ with an excellent score of 96-93-98 = 287 points and high Protection.
    Only two dogs did an excellent protectionwork : Jabina Digthe and Jabina Oscia.
    Jabina Digthe and Jabina Oscia are qualified for both world teams FCI and WUSV.

  • FCI FH Finnish Tracking Championship 2008
    Gratulations to Raino Holm who won the FCI FH Finnish Tracking Championship 2008 with Jabina Oswald ( Jabina Dighte - Gringo Mohnwise ) with 93/96 = 189 points.


  • FCI IPO 3 Danish Championship 2008  -  All GSD results>>
    ohn Jabina and his female Jabina Digthe won the FCI Nationals for All breeds with 98-95-99 = 292 points, high in Trial, high in Protectionwork.
    Erik Fenger with his policedog Jabina Lexus was placed 3rd.with 97-93-97 = 287 points.
    Dorthe Jabina with Jabina Nova was placed 7th and Carsten Brandt was placed 8th.
    The 4 highest placed German Sherperds was from our Kennel which makes us very very proud....Thanks

  • WUSV 2007
    This was once again an excellent year for Kennel Jabina - for the first time in many years we managed to place a female on the podium....
    John Jabina with Jabina Digthe placed 3rd in the World Championship and in addition, Jabina Dighte was also "Best female in the World 2007 ".
    We are very very proud to have the two best females in the world: Jabina Nova in 2006 and Jabina Dighte in 2007. Both of these females are daughters of the legendary Jabina Frigga who also participated twice in the WUSV. Within the next few months both Nova and Digthe will be bred - and we have reason to believe that they will bring their own outstanding qualities to their offspring... as both have already produced some incredible puppies.
    Photos - Click here...

  • New Female - Avis von der Donnerbrücke
    Avis is an extremely intelligent, very high drive female, with strong temperament and the same type like her father Glenn von der Hünnergasse, (2x WUSV-WM, 5x BSP, 2x LGA, 5x LG-FCI, 5x 7-Länderwettkampf , 2x Vizesieger (BSP) - 1x Mannschaftsweltmeister ). Her never ending willingness to work, her excellent concentration, and her outstanding hardness, makes her a super team player. Her social behavior and open mind make me believe that she will be a excellent substitute for her mother Fluse vom Nesselbach, 3x LGA, 3x LG-FCI, 1x Bundes-FCI, 3x 7-Länderwettkampf , in both competitions and breeding. I am very happy we have Avis back. Avis von der Donnerbrücke >>

  • Danish National Championship 2007,
    We had 10 Jabina dogs entered in the 2007 National Championship – but only 8 were shown as Jabina Querry and Jabina Nova have retired.
    This Year I showed my breeding female, Jabina Digthe. On the track she received 98 points - in obedience she received 84 points - which might need a explanation ?? The Judge took 2 points in 5 exercises (total of 10 points) because I mixed the Danish and German commands - in protection she received an “excellent” score of 97 points.... - so we ended up with a 7th place - just good enough to get a seat for the WUSV World championship in Bratislava, Slovakia.... See you there...... John Jabina

  • John Jabina won the qualification with his new dog Jabina Digthe with a score of 287 points, just in front of another jabina dog : Jabina Eddy with his handler Kresten Michelsen who achieved 285 points. Lars Chr Andersen with Jabina Yarus placed 5th and also qualified for the Danish Championship. Until now 11 dogs from the Jabina Kennel have qualified for the Danish Championship. Congratulations to all of our super handlers...

  • 16.04.2007
    A'la'coccio's Beirut og Mayla v. Brabantsbloed have got their SchH 2 titel.

  • 02.04.2007
    John Jabina won the qualification with his new dog Jabina Digthe with a score of 287 points, just in front of another jabina dog : Jabina Eddy with his handler Kresten Michelsen who achieved 285 points. Lars Chr Andersen with Jabina Yarus placed 5th and also qualified for the Danish Championship. Until now 11 dogs from the Jabina Kennel have qualified for the Danish Championship. Congratulations to all of our super handlers...

  • WUSV 2006
    This was again an excellent year for kennel Jabina - for the first time ever we managed to have two dogs among the leading 6 in the world...: Jabina Querry and Jabina Nova.

    Lars Bo Jensen with Jabina Querry placed 5th and for the 3rd time in a row they were among the first 10 dogs in the world....

    John Jabina with Jabina Nova placed 6th and with that Jabina Nova was also the "best female in the world 2006". Maybe there is a reason that world class trainers as Lars Bo Jensen (2nd at WUSV 2005) Pierre Wahlström (2nd at WUSV 2006) and Roger Snollaert (1st at WUSV 1990) all have chosen a pup from Jabina Nova....

    We have now chosen to retire Jabina Nova from competitions and let her concentrate on being a good mother to her pups...

    Thanks to everyone who has helped us to achieve our goals...

    See video of Jabina Nova obedience WUSV 2006 - Click here...

     - and see her protectionwork - Click here...

  • Once again, Kennel Jabina dominated the National Championship 2006.
    12 of the 43 dogs who participated in the 2006 National Championship were from Kennel Jabina.
    The Winner was Jabina Querry. Best Female was Jabina Nille. Second Best female was Jabina Nova.
    The Danish Team for the WUSV World Championship is again this year represented by 3 dogs from our kennel: Lars Bo Jensen and Jabina Querry - Kurt Jensen and Jabina Fister - John Jabina and Jabina Nova. The 2nd Reserve dog is also one of ours: Jabina Falco with Mr. Erik Petersen.
    3 of the 5 best females in the 2006 Nationals are breeding females from our Kennel.
    Se the results >>








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